Studio Prep for Second Album

Today Rob and I worked on previous song arrangements, in prep for going back into the studio to record our second album. We worked on two songs, one called Homesick, and the other called Heart Placement (titles could change). The next recording dates are August 24th and 25th with guitarist Lonny Eagleton, and drummer Geoff Hicks at Watershed Studio. On those days we plan to record 6 more tracks, focusing on recording bed tracks. So far we’ve already recorded 6 tracks for our second album. We were in the studio during some of my arts and entertainment management school practicum, at the PuSh Festival, during the fall, but had to stop as I found it difficult juggling school homework, interning at the PuSh Festival, working at the Talking Stick Festival, and playing shows here and there, and recording. I was also doing a crazy amount of transiting before I moved to Vancouver part way through my internship at the PuSh Festival. Now that I’ve had time to get back into the groove of my normal music practise routine, and am playing more shows I feel more than ready to be back at the studio. I felt guilty about putting the whole album on hold until I finished my school program, but I think it was the for the best. Coming back into the studio in August I know that I’m much more focused than I would have been right before the start of two festivals, or the aftermath of two festivals, and I know that everyone else is ready to go!

It was great delving into Homesick  and Heart Placement again! Homesick touches on the feeling of being on an endless journey where everything that you used to know is completely different, and being caught up in “a devil with angel eyes”. Heart Placement is about staying spiritually and mentally awake, so that you can see all that’s good around you. This is something that I think about a lot lately!


Recording in Sister Say's home studio at Rob's place
Recording ideas at Sister Say’s home studio at Rob’s place

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