Sister Says in Toronto for Unifest

It’s been an amazing last couple of weeks and weekends!

We spent some time at Watershed Studio on Saturday, August 24th and had friends drummer Geoff Hicks and guitarist Lonny Eagleton lay down some bed tracks, for new Sister Says songs Heart Placement, Homesick, and Lost my Soul.

The following weekend we spent three days in Toronto and performed on the Sunday at Unifest, Unifor’s celebration of the coming together of the Canadian Auto Worker’s union and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union. We had an amazing time, opening for the bands Stars, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings and Les Colocs. It also felt great supporting Unifor. Rob and I believe in unions and understand how they support the equality of workers. We also believe that supporting unions translates to supporting the fairness of all workers in the workplace. What a great thing to be part of!

During our trip in Toronto we met some amazing people and connected with old friends. Rob and I brought along our guitarist Lonny, and new friend and drummer Richard Brown. Our first night on the town entailed, after Richard’s suggestion, visiting Joe Mama’s to watch his friends perform in the very soulful cover group The Grind. So good! The next day we prepped for our gig by having a rehearsal in the hotel room, Rob and I shared. Then came our soundcheck at 5pm, and we were on the stage at Nathan Phillips Square a bit after 6:45pm. We felt good about the show after, and after the show met some new fans. My brother and I caught up, a little, with the producer of our first album, Donald Quan, and one of the drummers off our first album, Rakesh Tewari. We really enjoyed listening to Stars, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Les Colocs, and Dj Hedspin, later on. During the rest of our little trip we met Unifor members and Unifest organizers, members from the bands that performed at Unifest and the band Santuarium, and had some time to just hang out and take in Toronto. We worked hard practising for our set at Unifest, but visiting Toronto really felt a lot like a dream, for Rob and I. This has been about the tenth or more time  we’ve been in Toronto, but this time we were able to see more of the city. We witnessed the structural changes of Toronto, and took in some nightlife. Most times we’ve spent previously in Toronto have been spent mainly recording in a studio, which is wonderful, but different altogether.

Feeling a lot of love…


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