Performing at Jazz Vespers

Sister Says had a wonderful time performing at Jazz Vespers at St. Andrews-Wesley Church this Sunday, with drummer Geoff Hicks, and guitarist Lonny Eagleton. It was a moving experience and an honour to be asked to perform during reconciliation week in Vancouver. The minister for the evening, that did the sermon was amazing, and at times I thought I would cry, as she told the story of a man who had been sent to a residential school as a child. He was among the many that were abused mentally and physically at one of these schools, and day by day has still been dealing with the aftermath of his childhood experiences. For those of you who are new to what Jazz Vesper’s is about it happens every Sunday at St. Andrews-Wesley Church, and is a place where Vancouver jazz artists and other soulful artists perform music in between spiritual reflections led by a minister. In honour of the occasion we performed Sam Cooke’s “A change is gonna come,” Nina Simone’s “Four Woman,” and a song written by our father called “My Momma Told Me,” along with original Sister Says songs. We look forward to performing at Jazz Vespers again, in the future.

Rob's instagram of St. Andrews-Wesley Church
Rob’s instagram of St. Andrews-Wesley Church


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