Quick Announcement

Hello friends,

Rob here with a quick note for everyone that’s been asking about upcoming events for Sister Says. After a great summer of shows, rehearsals, songwriting and recording, we’ll be on a 2-3 week hiatus as I get prepared for the “gig” of my lifetime- my wedding and marriage to my beautiful better half, Tina Louie. You might have heard or know from experience but putting on a wedding is lot of work, and I kind of have been neglecting a lot of my duties this summer (I was supposed to be taking September off). But with a couple weeks to go everything seems to be coming together!

Anyway, we’ll still keep the online content flowing because that’s fairly easy to do, even when extremely busy. We also look to release at least one “Meet the Collective” podcast in September/early October. We’re back in the studio towards the end of October and performing again in November.



PS: Gillian is a bridesmaid!


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