Recording + Going to AMP Camp + Dec Show

Back in the Studio
Back at Watershed Studio

We’re happy to say that November and December have been busy for us all, in Sister Says. In the studio Rob has laid down bass tracks and then we’ve been busy with Dave Meszaros, of Watershed Productions, with the editing of drum and bass tracks. Next we’ll be tracking guitar and then vocals. In the meantime Rob and I have been going through songs that we’ve recently wrote and songs that we’ve wrote in the past that haven’t’ been recorded yet. There are so many songs! We’ve shortlisted the song list to these song titles (song titles that could change): Catching Fish, Diamonds, Keys and Bridal Gowns, Moving Miles, Walk that Way, You can’t go back, Where did you go. Rob and I  are seriously considering releasing a third album worth of electro-folk, and beat-based soulful songs, this year or the next, as well.

Here’s a listing of the songs we’ve recorded so far in the studio:

-Suspect Number One

-Swimming Sharks

-Heart Placement

-If it feels right

-Lost my Soul


-Give me my love

-Abel’s Underneath

-Like a Star

Other exciting news includes our submission being accepted to go to AMP Camp, something we were previously invited to go to back in 2010, but couldn’t go to due to a series of gigs that happened at the same time. AMP camp is a week-long residency, put on by Manitoba Music and the Canada Council for the Arts, that gives emerging and mid-career Aboriginal recording artists an opportunity to develop their business skills and artistic abilities. Rob and I will be at AMP Camp, along with 20 other Canadian Aboriginal artists, from Feb 9-14, at Falcon Trails Resort, in Manitoba.


We’ll be playing a pretty awesome show  on Dec 20th with a very well-known Canadian act! More details to come!

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