Meet the Collective – Episode 23 Jett Pace of “Old Man Canyon”

Last week we spoke with Jett Pace of music project Old Man Canyon, about creativity and life, on Meet the Collective Podcast. In my living room over coffee and cookies  Jett, born and raised in BC in the beautiful mountains of Lynn Valley, described Old Man Canyon as “basically a collaboration between all the different sounds I’ve loved from my past merged into one.” Jett’s first musical endeavours started in Hip Hop and classical training on the cello. His album Phantoms and Friends, recorded with producer Dave Meszaros, over a six month period in 2012, has been circulating rapidly and getting the attention of many. Music on the album has been featured on both Showtime’s Shameless, as well as MTV’s Awkward, and USA Network’s Suits. We had a good time talking to him.


IMG_20140122_202054 (1)
Jett and Gillian

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