And now let’s get back to music…

I’ve been up to some interesting things outside of music, lately, that are semi-related to what I do in Sister Says.  Those things include assisting in marketing and fundraising for an Aboriginal performing arts festival and also recently attending the First Peoples’ Cultural Council – Cultural Protocols & the Arts Forum at the En’owkin Centre. As I juggle life and the many things that happen day to day I’ve realized that music is what grounds me and keeps me from drifting off somewhere. I feel very privileged to be part of so many communities of artists and to hear their stories. It was good for me to pack my little guitar with me to the forum, in Penticton, because, as much as conversation about art and political issues feed the soul, at the same time, I start to get itchy and find it difficult to function without physically making music. I actually kind of lose my mind after a while!!  I think most musical people can attest to how this feels.  At the forum I kept thinking about the contradiction of life and balance. Maybe there is no perfect balance but what you can do is keep creating and making holistic spaces for yourself and others.




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