Album Edits + Other Good Things

Happy Friday, everyone! While Rob’s away in NY for about a week, with his wife Tina, much of the Sister Says album is being edited. We have more vocal/guitar/keyboard sessions coming up. I’ve finally had the opportunity this week to work more on booking promo things for our upcoming album (new photos, researching videographers for a video/etc), which has been great. This week I also had the opportunity of working with some amazing, talented, youth for their performance at the Gathering Our Voices (GOV) event, at the Orpheum, in Vancouver.  The GOV event was an amazing talent show filled with mainly dance and music performances, showcasing youth all over Canada.  This was something I did with the Full Circle Ensemble, I’m part of, which is an ensemble of artists in various disciplines such as theatre, film, music, dance, and writing. We work on workshops for youth, put together projects to present, and appear at theatre/art shows, and sometimes other events where we speak and perform. With the GOV youth our job was warming them up pre-performance, through theatre/vocal warm-ups.

Back to Sister Says….we can’t wait to get back into the studio and book more shows…things are coming along!



Studio shot of where we’re now recording at

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