Chocolate, Podcasts & Music

This week we’ve been working on getting back on track with releasing podcasts + a few other things. Yesterday Rob and I recorded a podcast  over the phone with a talented artist from Quebec we met during our time at AMP Camp. His music is blues/folk/rock and has a rockabilly vintage feel, much like his fashion sense.  It was great talking to him, reconnecting and listening to his songs. Stay tuned  next week to hear more about this artist (we’ll tell you who it is!). Rob and I have also reconnected with another talented AMP Camp artist named Brad Bellegard, from the hip hop group “The Local Onlyz.” We’ve been collaborating on a song with him and have been having a lot of fun doing it. We look forward to getting back into the studio soon to wrap up recording bass, keys, and backup vocals on our album, too. This weekend Rob and I will be seeing our fam over Easter dinner and plan to eat a lot of good things….

Happy Easter everyone!



Working on hooks for the beat Rob wrote for our collab with Brad
A beat Rob made for the collaboration with Brad


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