Recording & Hundred Years Cafe News

Fine folk,

Rob and I found out a little while ago that a show we were on (individually as artists) called Live from the Hundred Years Cafe is nominated for a Golden Sheaf Award at the Yorkton Film Fest for its jazz episode featuring Andrea Menard, moi, David Larocque and MJ Dandeneau! We also found out that Live from the Hundred Years Cafe is nominated for a Rockie Award at the Banff World Media Fest in June for Best Music and Variety. Live from the Hundred Years Cafe is a show on APTN that features talented Indigenous musicians from various backgrounds in music. It was a blast to be on the show.

Also… the album is coming along! Currently keyboards are being mixed and I’ll be back in the studio soon to add bgs. After that (we don’t think that we’ll be adding any more instrumentation) all songs will be mixed and mastered.

Liquorice spice tea before practising bgs. Yep that's a fork.
Liquorice tea pre-practising bgs. Yep that’s a fork.





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