Mastering Talks & Saturday @ Merge

This week Rob and I have been practising for our upcoming gigs. As well as playing in Sister Says Rob also plays music with indie singer and songwriter Candace Curr. He’ll be performing with her at Merge this Saturday in Vancouver and I’ll be singing back-up harmonies. We’re looking forward to it! Candace is opening for awesome artists folk singer-songwriter Nick Sherman and classical grunge rocker Kristi Lane Sinclair.

More about Kristi, Nick and Candace:                                                                                                                                                                          


Mastering!! Rob and I had a meeting with CPS mastering about mastering our album. We’re doing a final listen over our mixed tracks now and are making the final decisions about all of the mixes….I’m SO excited.


We had an awesome time at the Salish Sea Summer event. It was a beautiful day. The event supports a great cause and had an awesome line-up. Rob also performed with Candace  and I sang a few back-ups/did a duet. Great day!


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