Remembering & Music

Today I woke up to a phone call from my friend Nyla Carpentier. I went back to sleep because if I don’t really have to wake up early I typically struggle to do so. I called her back maybe a half hour later. She let me know that our beautiful and immensely talented friend Zaccheus Jackson had passed. I’m speechless. Now the thought of him being gone is still sinking in. Zaccheus was a force of nature. If you met him you’d know. In no cliche way was he a force of nature. It was a real thing and I was lucky enough to have been around his one of a kind spirit. He was good people.

A video of Zaccheus’s Inspiration, something he taught us artists a lot about:


If you’re around Vancouver this Sunday come listen to Sister Says at  Central Bistro at 1072 Denman St, Vancouver from 7pm-11pm. We’ll be playing as a full band, and this time with drummer Max Marceau. I haven’t actually met him in person but our guitar player Lonny knows him and I’ve spoken a little bit to him via facebook message. He sounds lovely, though. His youtube clips are also lovely and I look forward to meeting him at rehearsal this Friday and performing with him.







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