IT’S 2016

It’s 2016. Wow. So much has happened in 2015. We toured Ontario, played a ton of local gigs in Vancouver and did some BC dates in Haida Gwaii, Kelowna and Kamloops.

Right now we’ve been writing new songs for our third Sister Says album and have just re-released our Meet the Collective Podcast which Rob spearheads. Rob and I have also been collaborating with Urban Ink Productions Urban Ink Collective, which is a theatre performance group that we’re in. We’re writing music and performing for a piece that we’ll be presenting with the collective at rEvolver Festival in May 2016 and the process and adventure has been amazing so far.

Rob & I after doing some songs at The Settlement Building
Rob & I after doing some songs at The Settlement Building. We had a good time.

We’re pretty stoked about our Sofar show in January where we’ll be joining forces with super talented artists singer-songwriter Claire Love Wilson and drummer Trevor Ainsworth to present Sister Says music, Claire Love Wilson’s solo project and Claire and I’s new songwriting/project (which still needs a name lol!).

Collaborating with Urban Ink Collective
Collaborating with Urban Ink Collective

At the end of this month Rob and I leave for about a week for Manitoba for Aboriginal Music Performers Camp for the second time where we’ll get the opportunity collaborate with other talented Aboriginal musicians, meet music industry people and learn about the industry while honing our music skills.

More summer touring is on the horizon…….



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