September News + Check out ReelLit’s Video!

This September Rob and I have taken some time to decompress & organize plans coming up. We’ve also been songwriting quite a lot for the recording of our 3rd release which will likely be an EP….

Here’s a few other news worthy items:

-Check out the sneak peak of Sister Say’s artist spotlight on Digital Drum! Our artist spotlight and video with Digital Drum is coming soon…check out our Instagram at @sister_says for the post (it can be also found on our other main social media sites).

-Rob and I are looking forward to presenting some music at a First People’s Cultural Council private event coming up.

-Gillian with be playing the lead role in talented filmmaker Patrick Shannon’s new short film. Watch for it. Check out more about Patrick here:

-Here’s an awesome lyric video that a youth program called ReelLit from an alternative school in the West End in Toronto created for our song Give me my love!!








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