What have we been up to, you ask? Well, we’ve had a very busy 2015 full of shows that included a tour in Ontario in May, a lot of local shows and touring in Haida Gwaii + shows in Kelowna and Kamloops. We’re happy to say that we’re back at it this November and have been busy planning our next shows for 2015 and 2016 (including more touring!) and writing songs for our next album.

Come see us in November!

Gillian & Rob at Edge of the World Festival in Haida Gwaii
Gillian & Rob at Edge of the World Festival in Haida Gwaii, Photo by Tina Thomson


11/6/15 VACFSS Coffee House, The Cultch, 1895 Venables St, Vancouver, CLICK HERE for more info (short duo set with musician collaboration)

11/8/15 The Railway Club, 579 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver, full band show with Windigo and Owl Skowl, CLICK HERE, 9pm, for more inf0

11/15/15 Guilt and Co., 1 Alexander St, Vancouver,full band show, 9pm-12:15am, CLICK HERE for more info





We’re proud to show you the newest video for “I Remember” by Indigenous hip hop artist InfoRed (AKA Brad Bellegarde) featuring Gillian and Robert from Sister Says. The video a dedication song to all Residential School Survivors in North America and was shot on location in Lebret, Saskatchewan, in honour of Brad’s parents and family members who attended the Qu’Appelle Indian Residential School.



Gillian & Rob

We’re back from Haida Gwaii, a trip that was a real treat. We did a few shows at Edge of the World Festival in Haida Gwaii, taught a songwriting workshop at the festival and did a stripped down duo performance at Haida Gwaii Heritage Centre. What was really special about this trip were a few things. Some of these things included: just going to Haida Gwaii (it’s gorgeous and there’s something spiritual about wandering in the nature there), being able to bring our full Vancouver band with us (Max and Lonny are very talented + BONUS amazing people), Rob’s wife Tina came with as our tour coordinator and photographer and videographer which was so great PLUS she’s an amazing cook and super organized, Max’s girlfriend Victoria came and was such an rad person to get to know and hang out with, Rob and I have Haida ancestry and feel a connection to the land there,and we were able to meet new people and see old friends. A big thank you to Edge of the World Music Festival and to Pat and Louise who provided accommodations to the whole Sister Says band and crew! Ya’ll were so lovely. Also, a big thanks to Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des Arts du Canada for making our Haida Gwaii trip possible. Thanks to our long time friends Amy & Bussey for letting us stay at your home in Skidegate.


We’ll be performing as a full band at Streaming Cafe in Kelowna on September 5th! If you live near/in or have friends who live in Kelowna let them know we’ll be there! We also have a show at Art We Are in Kamloops on the 12th which we’ll give you more details on very soon. More shows in the works & photos and live videos for you soon.

For more information about our show at Streaming Cafe CLICK HERE

Full band shot by Tina Thomson
Full band shot by Tina Thomson
Duo photo by James Mcguire
Duo photo by James Mcguire



We’re getting ready for our trip to Haida Gwaii with the full band to perform at Edge of the World Music Festival on Friday August 7th & Sunday August 9th! We’ll also be performing at a fundraiser at the Haida Heritage Centre on August 14th. We’re really looking forward to it!

CLICK HERE for more info about Edge of the World Music Festival

   CLICK HERE for more info about the Haida Heritage Centre Fundraiser

Also! We just received some pics of us performing at the All Nations Festival. We performed with our full band with also Erron Sweeney on guitar. Thank you Phil Louie for the photos!

Gillian, Max and Rob



Lonny, Gillian, Max, Rob and Erron