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Doodle I did a while back
We’re currently in the midst of finishing the edited artist credits and thank you’s for our album artwork. A few other things like graphics for social media to match an updated website are being worked on, too. Mixing notes have been sent and we’re at the stage where we’ll be doing a hard listen very soon to all of our tracks before sending them all off to be mastered. It’s exciting to be calling venues about bookings for a release party to be in early winter, this year.


I talk on Earthsongs on behalf of Sister Says this week!

Each week, Earthsongs gives Public Radio and Net listeners the chance to explore the Indigenous influences that help shape and define contemporary American music. Hosts provide a weekly music selection that makes Earthsongs the type of unexpected, exciting programming that quickly becomes a weekly habit. Earthsongs is distributed by Native Voice One and can be heard on radio stations across the country.

Where to listen:
9/9 Tuesday (today)
2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern and 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern on

9/10 Wednesday
12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern and 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern on nv1.org9/11 Thursday
10am Alaska/11am Pacific on
5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern on

More about Earthsongs: CLICK HERE





Today I woke up to a phone call from my friend Nyla Carpentier. I went back to sleep because if I don’t really have to wake up early I typically struggle to do so. I called her back maybe a half hour later. She let me know that our beautiful and immensely talented friend Zaccheus Jackson had passed. I’m speechless. Now the thought of him being gone is still sinking in. Zaccheus was a force of nature. If you met him you’d know. In no cliche way was he a force of nature. It was a real thing and I was lucky enough to have been around his one of a kind spirit. He was good people.

A video of Zaccheus’s Inspiration, something he taught us artists a lot about:


If you’re around Vancouver this Sunday come listen to Sister Says at  Central Bistro at 1072 Denman St, Vancouver from 7pm-11pm. We’ll be playing as a full band, and this time with drummer Max Marceau. I haven’t actually met him in person but our guitar player Lonny knows him and I’ve spoken a little bit to him via facebook message. He sounds lovely, though. His youtube clips are also lovely and I look forward to meeting him at rehearsal this Friday and performing with him.







Come out this Sunday to Lions Park in Port Coquitlam! This Sunday Sister Says will be playing 2pm-4pm, with our full band Lonny Eagleton on guitar and Geoff Hicks on drums, at the Music in the Park Series. During the summer every Sunday at Lions park there will be a free afternoon music performance at 2pm.

We’ll be playing songs from our upcoming album and songs from our 1st album The Only Way. It’s free and the weather is said to be very nice!

For more details about the event/other programming check out:


We had a good time at Merge performing with singer and songwriter Candace Curr! It was also great to hear Kristi Lane Sinclair and Nick Sherman kill it on stage.

Sister Says by  Nadya Kwandibens
Sister Says by
Nadya Kwandibens


Our second recording is coming along. We’ve been listening to mixes and making final decisions on batches of tracks and also going over artwork proofs. This week Rob pointed out to me that Sister Says has now reached number 4 on the National Aboriginal (radio) Music Countdown. So cool! Thank you listeners for requesting to hear us:) Rob and I and friends enjoyed seeing The Boom Booms, BESTiE, and The New Royales…among other awesome bands play at East Van Summer Jam a few weekends ago. We can’t wait for the next one. We also caught up with some of our Aboriginal Music Program Camp friends Leonard Sumner and Candace Curr  for dinner and saw Murray Porter and Leela Gilday at The Railway Club. On Tuesday, the 15th, Leonard, Candace, Rob and I joined a bunch of other artists and musicians for a music jam at SoundHouse Studio. We hope to keep the jam an ongoing thing. It’s always so great to meet new musicians and hang out with creative friends.

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Sister Says on the NAM Countdown

xo Gillian

Hello friends!

I feel like it’s been a while. In the space of time were I haven’t blogged to you Sister Says has been in the studio recording percussion and also mixing. We’ve also been performing shows and going to shows. We had fun performing Aboriginal Day/Summer Solstice at Trout Lake Park (Rob also performed with our lovely and talented friend Candace Curr earlier on that day) and at Fan Club later on, at St. Andrew’s Wesley Church at Jazz Vespers for Vancouver Jazz Fest and at Car Free Days on Commercial Drive. It was good times getting a chance to listen to some of the other performers at Car Free Days, and to also attend Hilary Grist and Dominique Fricot’s (past guests on our Meet the Collective Podcast) Dual Release show with The Lion The Bear The Fox, and catch Dawn Pemberton and her band and also Star Captains perform at Vancouver Jazz Fest on Canada Day. Rob watched The Matinee on Canada Day and he might go to Kraftwerk tonight….whoo a lot of shows and a lot of inspiration for us. More picking away at the album (almost there!)…I talk about album artwork later on today with our graphic designer. Can’t wait to see what ideas she’s come up with!

photo 1 photo 1 (2) photo 2 (1) photo 4 (1)

Photo description (from left to right and top to bottom): Some of the percussion instruments we used at the studio, Trout Lake park during Aboriginal Day and Summer Solstice, shot of Fan Club after our set, shot of our set up before going on at St. Andrew’s Wesley Church for Jazz Vespers



The last few weeks we’ve been rehearsing as a band, in the studio adding more bgs to tracks, had a photo shoot and have received updated band photos (which we’ll post soon!). We look forward to gigs we have ahead of us. This weekend we’ll be performing at Car Free Day on Commercial Drive. We’ll be performing at stage 2 on Commercial and East 3rd at 2pm. Come out and lets all try to bring the sun out.

Rob at it with coffee in hand





Fine folk,

Rob and I found out a little while ago that a show we were on (individually as artists) called Live from the Hundred Years Cafe is nominated for a Golden Sheaf Award at the Yorkton Film Fest for its jazz episode featuring Andrea Menard, moi, David Larocque and MJ Dandeneau! We also found out that Live from the Hundred Years Cafe is nominated for a Rockie Award at the Banff World Media Fest in June for Best Music and Variety. Live from the Hundred Years Cafe is a show on APTN that features talented Indigenous musicians from various backgrounds in music. It was a blast to be on the show.

Also… the album is coming along! Currently keyboards are being mixed and I’ll be back in the studio soon to add bgs. After that (we don’t think that we’ll be adding any more instrumentation) all songs will be mixed and mastered.

Liquorice spice tea before practising bgs. Yep that's a fork.
Liquorice tea pre-practising bgs. Yep that’s a fork.





This week and last week we’ve been focusing on the art direction of the album. We’re happy to say that Rob and I will be having our photos taken by the talented Leigh Righton. We’ve also been in the studio. The awesome Andrew Rasmussen has added the sound of keys to our tracks. Oh, happy day we’re getting close to finishing the recording of our 2nd album!

Andrew Rasmussen adding keys
Andrew Rasmussen at the keyboard

Also…last weekend the band went on a field trip to the Vancouver aquarium!

Lonny, Rob, Dave and I
Lonny, Rob, Dave and I
Jellyfish at the Vancouver Aquarium
Jellyfish at the Vancouver Aquarium



Good Morning!

This week has been a pretty inspiring week to write lyrics. Been listening to a lot of new music again and also having fun just playing more keyboard and enjoying the temporary Vancouver sun with friends. Rob and I also checked out podcaster’s Jesse Thorn, Graham Clark and Dave Shumka’s event at SFU, where we laughed and learned a lot.

Part of a lyric idea…


She keeps rocks in her pockets

and dandelions in her shoes

Crashing all the rockets until way last June

The stars they wrap her like a young empress

Got a twinkle in her eye, what a hot mess


Everybody moves so fast

Can’t keep up with the pace

Everybody moves so fast

Better get out of the way

This week we’ve been working on getting back on track with releasing podcasts + a few other things. Yesterday Rob and I recorded a podcast  over the phone with a talented artist from Quebec we met during our time at AMP Camp. His music is blues/folk/rock and has a rockabilly vintage feel, much like his fashion sense.  It was great talking to him, reconnecting and listening to his songs. Stay tuned  next week to hear more about this artist (we’ll tell you who it is!). Rob and I have also reconnected with another talented AMP Camp artist named Brad Bellegard, from the hip hop group “The Local Onlyz.” We’ve been collaborating on a song with him and have been having a lot of fun doing it. We look forward to getting back into the studio soon to wrap up recording bass, keys, and backup vocals on our album, too. This weekend Rob and I will be seeing our fam over Easter dinner and plan to eat a lot of good things….

Happy Easter everyone!



Working on hooks for the beat Rob wrote for our collab with Brad
A beat Rob made for the collaboration with Brad