We had a great Aboriginal Day/weekend & summer solstice in Vancouver!!  How about you? We performed at Canada Place (with Trevor Ainsworth on percussion) & Trout Lake (as a duo). So many talented artists and the weather was great…..below is a pic of Trout Lake on Aboriginal Day. Our next performance is in our home town, Port Coquitlam, on July 10th at the Leigh Square bandshell as part of Music in the Park from 2pm-4pm. We’ll be performing as a five piece with guitarist Keith Sinclair, drummer Max Ley and Trevor Ainsworth on percussion. It’s sounding rilly soulful and funky….you might want to check it out. Keep scrolling down for pics of our last shows.

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Contemporary-classical Indigenous artist Jeremy Dutcher, visiting from Toronto, and balladier singer-songwriter Claire Love Wilson from Vancouver joined us in performing at Capilano Tea House in Gastown last month. What a gorgeous night it was, filled with smiling faces with delicious teas and botanical sodas. We can’t wait to do another show there, soon!

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Also! Thank you Unifor Canada again for inviting us to play at your event at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver early this month & for all your support! Here’s a little pic of the set up below. We performed with Keith Sinclair on guitar and Trevor Ainsworth on drums. Our Dad, who is also a musician, also played a few tunes!





This Sunday @ St. Andrew’s Wesley Church ( 100 – 1022 Nelson St. Vancouver) 4pm – 5pm  More info!  An hour that blends spiritual words and our music. This is one of the coolest places to watch and perform music in the city. Come join us! 

Sister Says Line Up

Gillian: Vocal/Percussion

Robert: Bass/Vocal

Lonny Eagleton: Guitar/Vocal

Geoff Hicks: Drums

Rob's instagram of St. Andrews-Wesley Church
Rob’s instagram of St. Andrews-Wesley Church




On this episode’s Meet the Collective Podcast we talk with the Artistic Director of Public Dreams, Matthew Bissett about the many magical events Public Dreams puts on, as well as the current state of the organization. The lluminaires Festival, taking place on July 20th in Trout Lake Park, Vancouver, marks the 25th Anniversary of the iconic community festival of light. Public Dreams is known for the creations of customized, immersive experiences in Vancouver, that inspire creativity in everyday life.