We hope you had a great New Years! We’re really excited to perform more shows and tour our new album Heart Placement. Looks like gigs will pick up again during the spring and summer but we’ve been working on squeezing in a show before that if possible….

A big thank you again friends for supporting us & for those that came out to our shows in Dec!


At a Music Heals event Lovecoast hosted in December
At a Music Heals Fundraiser the band Lovecoast hosted in December



A big thank you to everyone that came out to the Heart Placement Second Album Release Party, at Merge in Vancouver. It was a fantastic night and we are feeling very loved.

Also: Heart Placement is NOW available online!

For iTunes CLICK HERE For Bandcamp CLICK HERE

Snap by Kaihlee Riley
Instagram of us by Kaihlee Riley
 Special Guest Taylor Harp instagram photo by Kaihlee Riley
Taylor Harp instagram photo by Kaihlee Riley

Annd…we’ll be at the Lovecoast + Friends Christmas Benefit on December 20th!

CLICK HERE for more details & for how to support.




We’re excited to say that our second album Heart Placement is being printed now! Pre-sales of the album are available NOW on bandcamp. Click HERE for the pre-sale.

ALSO, more details are up about our release party at Merge on Dec 5th. Click HERE for more details. Tickets can be purchased through bandcamp & at the door. Solo singer-songwriter Taylor Harp will be a special guest!

Other shows coming up-  Music Heals Fundraiser, with music acts that include: Lovecoast, Alexandria Maillot, Luca Fogale, Danielle Howell, more info TBA

Canadian Spring & Summer Tour TBA

Heart Placement album artwork by Carmen Leah
Heart Placement album artwork by Carmen Leah





Guess what? We’ve signed off on the artwork for our album! The work is getting formatted for the printers. Exciting stuff!  Show information will be release soon regarding our release party. Today I’m working on some ideas for promo to be released before the release party. Ahhh…yeahhh. We’re a little obsessed with hearts these days. You’ll find out why soon.





Well, friends we know the date of our release party AND we’ve selected our venue. It will be on Friday, December 5th at Merge in Vancouver!! News about the opening act + promo to come out soon:)

I wrote a poem the other day. Here is a little piece of it: “Give them proof of love, give them air to breathe. Held by intrinsic webs. That poet he knew things.”

What else….?

The band’s on Instagram yay! Follow us @sister_says.

Sister Says photo by Keith Walters
SS photo by Keith Walters





Our second recording is coming along. We’ve been listening to mixes and making final decisions on batches of tracks and also going over artwork proofs. This week Rob pointed out to me that Sister Says has now reached number 4 on the National Aboriginal (radio) Music Countdown. So cool! Thank you listeners for requesting to hear us:) Rob and I and friends enjoyed seeing The Boom Booms, BESTiE, and The New Royales…among other awesome bands play at East Van Summer Jam a few weekends ago. We can’t wait for the next one. We also caught up with some of our Aboriginal Music Program Camp friends Leonard Sumner and Candace Curr  for dinner and saw Murray Porter and Leela Gilday at The Railway Club. On Tuesday, the 15th, Leonard, Candace, Rob and I joined a bunch of other artists and musicians for a music jam at SoundHouse Studio. We hope to keep the jam an ongoing thing. It’s always so great to meet new musicians and hang out with creative friends.

photo (51)
Sister Says on the NAM Countdown

xo Gillian

Hello friends!

I feel like it’s been a while. In the space of time were I haven’t blogged to you Sister Says has been in the studio recording percussion and also mixing. We’ve also been performing shows and going to shows. We had fun performing Aboriginal Day/Summer Solstice at Trout Lake Park (Rob also performed with our lovely and talented friend Candace Curr earlier on that day) and at Fan Club later on, at St. Andrew’s Wesley Church at Jazz Vespers for Vancouver Jazz Fest and at Car Free Days on Commercial Drive. It was good times getting a chance to listen to some of the other performers at Car Free Days, and to also attend Hilary Grist and Dominique Fricot’s (past guests on our Meet the Collective Podcast) Dual Release show with The Lion The Bear The Fox, and catch Dawn Pemberton and her band and also Star Captains perform at Vancouver Jazz Fest on Canada Day. Rob watched The Matinee on Canada Day and he might go to Kraftwerk tonight….whoo a lot of shows and a lot of inspiration for us. More picking away at the album (almost there!)…I talk about album artwork later on today with our graphic designer. Can’t wait to see what ideas she’s come up with!

photo 1 photo 1 (2) photo 2 (1) photo 4 (1)

Photo description (from left to right and top to bottom): Some of the percussion instruments we used at the studio, Trout Lake park during Aboriginal Day and Summer Solstice, shot of Fan Club after our set, shot of our set up before going on at St. Andrew’s Wesley Church for Jazz Vespers