Performing Heart Placement

We hope you had a great New Years! We’re really excited to perform more shows and tour our new album Heart Placement. Looks like gigs will pick up again during the spring and summer but we’ve been working on squeezing in a show before that if possible….

A big thank you again friends for supporting us & for those that came out to our shows in Dec!


At a Music Heals event Lovecoast hosted in December

At a Music Heals Fundraiser the band Lovecoast hosted in December



Thank you! & See you Dec 20th

A big thank you to everyone that came out to the Heart Placement Second Album Release Party, at Merge in Vancouver. It was a fantastic night and we are feeling very loved.

Also: Heart Placement is NOW available online!

For iTunes CLICK HERE For Bandcamp CLICK HERE

Snap by Kaihlee Riley

Instagram of us by Kaihlee Riley

 Special Guest Taylor Harp instagram photo by Kaihlee Riley

Taylor Harp instagram photo by Kaihlee Riley

Annd…we’ll be at the Lovecoast + Friends Christmas Benefit on December 20th!

CLICK HERE for more details & for how to support.