Ride the Tempo Review + Catch Up

A lot has happened since I’ve last blogged.

We’ve done a series of shows in different formats & places.  These include: The Talking Stick Festival as a duo at YVR,  African Heritage Festival of Music & Dance as a full five piece band, at  Leləm’ Arts and Cultural Cafe as a three piece, as a full band at Fox Cabaret for Room Magazine, Skwachàys lodge Gallery as a three piece and The Belmont as a four piece band. It’s been amazing having the chance to play so much and in so many dope venues/places.

At our Belmont Bar show, last Thursday, the lovely Jonas did a very nice review of our band. Check it out here: Ride the Tempo Concert Review

Also! Here’s some epic pics that Cumulus Photography by Skylar Santimeau did of us that night:





Next shows:

04/18/2017 The Roxy (trio performance), opening for acts Zulu Panda (Vancouver) & Friends of Foes (Saskatoon), 932 Granville St, Vancouver, more details to be announced

05/13/2017 May Day Block Party, Port Coquitlam, more details to be announced

Much love always,








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