2017 Overview

It is almost 2018!! Ahhhhh….

We’ve had our busiest year yet! Sister Says was booked all throughout late spring and summer and regularly throughout the months, performing at a mix of clubs, Indigenous community events, private events and BC festivals. Thank you to all the people who booked Sister Says, provided accommodations and support, attended our shows, connected us with new opportunities and to anyone who’s just been very nice in general. We appreciate you!!


-We released a video of a live studio version of new song “Full like the Moon” at the wonderful “Space Studios” in Vancouver through Indigenous music platform “Digital Drum”.

-Being included on Spotify Canada’s Feminist Friday playlist which brought more new listeners to our music!

-Curating, co-producing and performing at “Giving Voice,” a diverse concert with an Indigenous twist where Sister Says partnered with Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art and Christ Church Cathedral. 100 free tickets were offered through SFU’s Right to Culture Program to various community groups in the #DTES and beyond. Burgundy Asset Management, the City of Vancouver and Vancity provided financial support.

-Performing at shows/events including: “Forty Years of Room Magazine” event at Fox Cabaret in Vancouver, our first ever show at Skwachays Gallery in Vancouver,  “Celebrating Together” event in Smithers, BC, Unceded Traditions Gallery Reception at Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, Drum is Calling Festival in Vancouver, Kispiox Valley Music Festival in Kispiox, BC, National Aboriginal Day Celebration at Canada Place and “Night Shift: Supernatural Vibes” show at Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver to name more than a few…. We also enjoyed performing at Abbotsford Rotary Stadium this summer, sharing the stage with many talented indie artists!

Below are pics of “Giving Voice,” It was a highlight in many ways. Programming with diversity in mind is important (more female musicians and speakers/point of view and more Indigenous/diverse artists throughout various music and art scenes) and there’s always a need for more young Indigenous curators and voices- we wanted to highlight that. It was a bit of a statement via concert in a lot of ways. All artists involved were amazing. Photo credit: Derek Stevens Photography.



Gillian & the Sister Says family

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