Experimenting with Broken Eras

So….we’ve been in the studio recording and we’ll be back in the studio next week. Rob has some words he’d like to share with you about New York, too. I think I’ve been vicariously living through Rob, and his wife, Tina’s, New York experience this past while. I was having some Patti Smith moments and shared with them a poem Patti had written about New York. Then I started looking through the book I have of hers…Just Kids.

I saw this post (below) up on an art blog, where Patti Smith is talked about, and am trying to figure out if it’s actually something Patti Smith made or said. Apparently it’s from her exhibition Camera Solo. Either way, I think the quote below is something really special.

From Patti Smith's Camera Solo Exhibit?
From Patti Smith’s Camera Solo Exhibit?

I went to see St. Vincent last Tuesday, with Reneltta, a talented artist and very good friend of mine. She’s back for a little bit from a tour she’s been in of Night, a moving theatre piece. Seeing St. Vincent was so great. I saw her a while back opening for Arcade Fire, at Deer Lake Park, when her first album Marry Me, just came out. Ever since seeing her I’ve been a huge fan and thought she was an exceptional vocalist, guitar player, and songwriter. It was really interesting to see how much her stage presence has transformed and changed. There was choreography, stories about making angel wings out of garbage can lids, and a character she assumed. That was another part of the show I enjoyed, quite a bit. Over the months I’ve participated in an ensemble with actors, writers and dancers. I’ve been inspired by the performance aspect of making music. I really don’t know how, if I was to integrate it into a music performance, it would happen; but I think subconsciously what I’ve learned is something that will shine through, even in a small way.

A lot of reflection has happened with the making of our second album: 1.Because of the time in between of not being the studio, and  2. Because of the new experiences Rob, the band, our producer, and I have all gone through while making the album. As much as Rob and I are pushing to have the album out earlier this year, we’re beginning to understand that the extra time we took allowed for the process of finding ourselves in the album. We’re thrilled with the tracks. We feel like it just keeps getting better and better.

In the studio
In the studio

xo Gillian

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