End of CMW & More Toronto Shows

We’ve had such a great time in Toronto so far and really enjoyed CMW (Canadian Music week), which is now over. Funnily enough we’ve gotten to know more great BC artists and bands during our time in Toronto. Some of these artists include: Chersea, Ursidae, GOODWOOD ATOMS, The Tourist Company, Towers and Tress and Coastline Pilot. Our showcase at Magpie Taproom was so much fun and I learned a lot from the CMW panels and mentor cafe. Hanging out and playing music with Toronto musicians keyboardist Shin Kim and drummer Rakesh Tewari was amazing. It’s a bit of a reunion because Rakesh played drums on our first album The Only Way and Shin Kim is someone who we traveled with in 2010 to Boston and New York and collaborated musically with in 2011. To say the least everyone has been so supportive and wonderful, whether it has been advice, offering a place to stay next time we’re here, offering to pick us up and drive us to another destination or inviting us to play music. During our trip we also did an interview with Sara Cristiano, a reporter for CJRU The Scope, Ryerson University’s online campus radio station and were played on CBC Radio’s In the Key of C , a weekly show presenting the best of music & arts in Ontario. Rob and I also had a chance to visit good friends and our cousin during our stay while also taking in a lot of good music.

Our next show is Viva Tuesday!, an aBabe Music Showcase, at The Painted Lady. We’ll be playing with Rakesh and Shin as a full band. Other great acts include: John Orpheus, Subject to Change and Little Hypocrites. If you’re in Toronto we’d love to see you!

CLICK HERE for more info about the show









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