Hello Mountains!

Hey friends, we’re back in Vancouver & have a show this Sunday at Cafe Deux Soleils opening for the talented Sister Speak! CLICK HERE for more info.

Rob & I at Musideum, Photo Credit: Michael Redhill
Rob & I at Musideum, Photo Credit: Michael Redhill

You can check out more photos from our tour by visiting us on instagram land at @sister_says. We’ll also post some other gems here.

About the Ontario part of the #heartplacement Tour: 

Performing in Ontario was truly amazing for Rob and I. We have to say again that we loved performing and hanging out with Toronto musicians and friends Rakesh Tewari and Shin Kim. We also loved performing our duo set on the road. Our aBabe Music show as a full band at Painted Lady was so much fun. The aBabe team are sweethearts and really know how to put on a good show! Listening to the other diverse Ontario bands (John Orpheus, Subject to Change and Little Hypocrites) perform that night was a treat, as well.

Our time at Musideum with a full band, with Christa Couture opening and Nigel Bsu doing stand-up and intros, was also some kind of special. Christa is a fantastic artist who we’ve shared the stage with before and we were very lucky to hear her new songs that almost had us crying. Rob and I hooked up with our hilarious friend Nigel through facebook while in Toronto, who I used to collaborate with in an Aboriginal artist performance collective in Vancouver, and found out that he had a show at Second City. We went to his show and after it hung out and it was decided that he must be added to our Musideum show. It was a very good decision. Performing at Musideum was meaningful to Rob and I not only because of the uniqueness of the venue and people sharing the bill but also because of our working relationship with Donald Quan, the venue’s owner. Donald helped launch Sister Say’s career earlier on in many ways as we worked closely with Donald creatively during the development and recording of our first album. Donald co-produced our debut album The Only Way and released it on his Toronto Q-Music Label.

Going to Utopia was a breath of fresh air. Utopia is a small hamlet of about 100 people, located west of Barrie in Ontario. It was nice to take a break from the city and be surrounded by farmland and a small community vibe. The folks at the Utopia Hall, where we performed, were just amazing. Sweet as sugar, their hospitality and warmth was above and beyond. Rob and I both agree that the Utopia Hall felt very much like a particular island folk festival gig we’ve played at with it’s grassroots feel. We performed as a duo on a really sunny day.

We headed to Peterborough right after visiting Utopia to share the bill with Rayannah, who creates gorgeous songs, sung in French and English, by looping synths, percussion and beat boxing, at The Garnet. She performed with her talented guitarist Jocelyn Gould that night. We’re so glad that Rayannah’s manager Sarah connected us before our tour! We’re also glad that we were both participants of CBC Searchlight, where we both heard each others music. At the Garnet we connected with the very cool singer-songwriter Sean Conway, as well, and met up with our friend Angela who has booked us many times to perform at SFU University’s First Nations Student Association events, along with other talented people like Christa Couture and Chris Derksen.

What we gleaned from this Ontario trip is that we want to do it again!! We see that it’s sustainable way of getting out there with our music and it’s a wicked time playing live all the time and meeting new people. We’d also like our next eastern tour to be more extensive and to perform more around western Canada. I have to admit, too, that our minds were pretty blown that people stay out late in Toronto to listen to music on week days. There are just so many awesome clubs to play that are open late. Thank you everyone who made our time in Ontario so wonderful. Feeling the love and the light.

We’ll share a little podcast with you soon, giving you more of a recap on our adventures!

ALSO! CLICK HERE to listen to The Scope at Ryerson’s interview with us during Canadian Music Week!

Talk soon again:)



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